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The Problem

You want to stay informed about news but you don't want to get anxiety, be deceived or be treated like a doll in someone's twisted puppet show.
Say politics make them somewhat or extremely anxious.
Only 6% of Independents trust the news a great deal.
Say the increasing number of news sources reporting from a particular point of view is "a major problem."

The Solution

LeftRight.News the world's only news platform where it is scientifically impossible for you to be misled or brainwashed.

How Can We Make Such a Claim?

It's because our news reporting process is revolutionary and fundamentally different than anyone else's. We don't try to fight bias, which is scientifically impossible. Instead, we harness the power of BIAS and convert it to BALANCE through the formula of ETA.
Both Left and Right writers are granted equal opportunity to contribute to every article. We don't choose what you get to see. The Left and Right do.
Both Left and Right content is clearly identified through the use of color. Our writers are supposed to try and persuade you but not by concealing their general bias from you.
Everything written can be challenged by either Left or Right writers. In addition, our analysts are ranked and compensated through the input of you, the reader. This makes our writers fully accountable to each other and the public.

What makes LeftRight.News different than others?

1. Collaboration Story Format

LeftRight News produces its stories through an innovative and proprietary Left/Right collaboration process. Neither side can control the story. The result is an article that gives our readers stories seen from two perspectives simultaneously.

2. Fact-Only Story Format

The foundation of each LeftRightNews story is a series of fact-only bullet points. This digest version is available to our readers for quick reading without all the brainwashing. LRN offers you the option to read this version of the news and strip all opinions out altogether.

3. Equally talented Left and Right analysts

LRN also can't manipulate our readers by choosing super-smart analysts for one side and duds for the other. that's because we don't choose our analysts - you do! Our analysts are constantly rated by our readers. Those whose ratings are not high will have only limited writing opportunities. If they fall really low, they're off the site altogether.

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